The Social Life Series

by carolecluer

I love to create a series of work that focuses on something that is close to my heart. A subject that I want to highlight and discuss through my art. My latest set of drawings that I have called The Social Life Series are no different.

Whilst on holiday in Spain I noticed three women paddling, fully made up and in glamorous jewellery, they were holding hands and laughing. No waiting to fit into a size 10 before venturing onto the beach for them, they were busy loving life. So many of us (myself included) waste our lives waiting for the moment we can fit in to a dress or swimsuit when we believe we will magically be happier or more confident. We measure ourselves against photoshopped and filtered photographs of professionally dressed celebrities, who in reality wouldn’t measure up to their own images.

I began to notice the lack of phones and gadgets, and the predominance of fun. No one seemed concerned with checking their phones or other people’s opinion of how they were living their life, what they were eating or drinking, or wearing. Rather they were concerned with the people in front of them, their truly important relationships.

I chose the titles of each drawing to highlight these relationships and honour their importance.

This light hearted series considers how life is in danger of being lived through social media and highlights how a full life goes on beyond selfies, hashtags and likes.

Because we are all beach ready …

  • Beach Body Ready