Live art

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Prompted by an article about the numbers of people who had been diagnosed with a type of cancer the year before. It made me think that somewhere there were statistics that contained me. You tend to forget that when you read about mass numbers that each one is an individual.

In 2004, the year I was diagnosed, 45704 people were diagnosed with breast cancer, that included 9 men.

45704 families affected

Based on the the measurement grids and tattoos used when you have radiotherapy, each blue/black represents one person

A 1 cm grid using the traditional art of goldpoint, you actually drag a fine gold wire across the surface to deposit a tiny amount of gold. The line looks very ordinary, a bit like graphite pencil.

Like life its preciousness is easy to overlook.

Initially difficult to see the lines it became more visible as the dots were added however remained a delicate lace work that would be easy to overlook.

One persons reaction to my work