The Kintsugi Series

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The Kintsugi Series focuses on portraits of people who have physical scars.

However it is not the scars that are of primary importance rather the sitter’s relationship with them and the events surrounding them.

It is a celebration of survival and history, of imperfection and self acceptance.

It is a counter to the shallow, image obsessed, celebrity driven media that is sometimes mistaken for society.

It is the confirmation that beauty grows with experience and self knowledge and is not limited by age or physicality.

The work is a celebration of the passage of life and the traces it leaves behind on us all and how   our imperfections can lead to a new, more authentic and substantive beauty.
The Kintsugi Series invites the viewer to look within their own life to consider their own physical and emotional scars, to  re evaluate their own self image and to recognise a connection with others