Home and more

by carolecluer

A few years ago my ‘children’ began to move out and buy their own homes and as a house warming gift I gave them a stylised drawing of their new home. They are both on to their second  home and now have a new portrait as well as a reminder of their first ever home. I began to draw similar gifts for friends and family when they moved, and for others to give as anniversary, birthday or wedding gifts.

I can adapt the style to the home owner and house, some pure graphite and pen and others using water colour or coloured pencils, colouring the house or just the surroundings for a very different look.  I have also added first date and wedding venues to my repertoire, adapting any clocks and adding dates.

I haven’t always remembered to photograph before sending them on their way but I have included those that I have below, although some were just quickly snapped on my phone so apologies for any quality issues!

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I have decided to start to properly offer these for sale, I have a booklet in Hall of Frames in Belper, who have framed a few of my ‘home’ drawings absolutely beautifully, a good frame makes such a difference …

or you can contact me through this site or Facebook.

A  portrait approx 20 by 16 cm (8 by 6 inches) and would cost £50, to be drawn from your own photographs. I am happy to draw larger or more detailed drawings if you prefer, the price would depend on the size and detail.

Thank you for taking the time to read this