New drawings

by carolecluer

I have just completed two new drawings, one of which will be entered into an auction to help celebrate the Manchester art gallery Paper’s 3rd birthday.

I have spent the last four weeks recuperating from an operation on my foot and with another three weeks to go lying on my sofa reading and watching daytime telly has definitely lost its appeal so the chance to put my brain to work and exercise my drawing ‘muscles’, even lying down, has been wonderful.

The theme for the auction is three and quite quickly I knew I wanted to draw an insect, their three segment bodies seemed to fit with the theme and so many of them are really beautiful. They are often overlooked parts of our everyday lives, a condition that often features in my work.  The Paper Gallery represents a diverse range of artists whose work is based around the medium of paper and it wasn’t long before I decided on the European Paper Wasp, I have always loved their nests and, well, their obvious connection to work in the Paper Gallery made them, for me, the perfect choice.

I have included links for The Paper Gallery below, and here are the details for the auction

Website Launches: 1 September 2015 – I will post the link when it goes live.

Exhibition opens: Thursday 10 September 2015 – Saturday 10 October 2015

Auction Commences: 1 October for 10 days

As is often the case with me, the photos of my work come with an apology, this time, having already sent them both off, I only have those taken on my ipad whilst standing on one foot with crutches!

However whilst we wait for the official auction website it will give you an idea, hope you like them and thank you for taking the time to read this

paper wasp nest

paper wasp nest

paper wasp

paper wasp